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           New Flat Fee Listing Option  $5995 to list ANY priced home!

                                                              How it works

We're a traditional brokerage with a big difference.  We harness the power of technology to maximize service and minimize expense and pass the savings to our clients.   Thanks to today's technology it's never been easier to be a listing agent.  We separate the listing agent fee and the buyer agent fee.  While other brokerages may charge a fee that is a percentage of the sale price, we're able to charge all listings the same flat $5995 listing fee.   For the most part a listing agent performs the same service regardless of the sale price.  Why should the seller of a $500,000 home pay twice the listing fee as a seller of a $250,000 home?  With our system they won't!   Compare our system and see how much we can save you.  Our system is designed to get you the top market price for your home at a much lower than traditional cost with expert service.

 See the example below:

        Our Pricing                         Traditional Pricing

    Sale Price:         $500,000                   Sale Price: $500,000

    Listing Agent fee: ($5995)                  Listing fee: 6% ($30,000)

    3%Buyer agent   ($15,000)                      (Listing Agent $15,000)

​    Sale Proceeds-$479,005                            (Buyer Agent  $15,000)

             Savings - $9005!                         Sale Proceeds - $470,000

               The 3%  Factor

To attract the most activity from cooperating agents through a MLS system it is widely recommended to offer  a 3% commission to buyer agents.  While some brokers may offer you a 5% total broker fee, in most cases they will offer half that fee (2.5%) to cooperating buyer agents.  Some buyer agents may skip over or make less effort promoting listings offering less than a 3%  buyer agent commission.  Maximizing cooperating  buyer agent activity will help achieve a timely sale at the highest market price.  Most sales involve separate buyer and seller agents and a MLS system.  We enable you to offer the full 3% buyer agent commission and still save $1000's.  
Broker fees are negotiable by State laws

List your property with Realty Broker Direct and receive;

  1. Full Service – Direct Broker Representation
  2. Comprehensive Marketing -TReND MLS, Facebook ads, Zillow, Trulia,, and much more
  3. Detailed Market Analysis Valuation
  4. Professional Photography
  5. Professional Video
  6. Professional Brochure/Flyers
  7. Convenient Docusign Online Contract Signing
  8. Online Appointment Desk & Showing Feedback Reports
  9. LOW fee commission! You keep more equity
  10. Non Stop Effort until SOLD!
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When you list with Realty Broker Direct your property will be listed on our websites and also on other broker websites, such as,,,, Long&, and many more!

Dennis offers his clients the personalized hands-on care to navigate the emotional twists and turns of real estate transactions. Benefit from his 28+ years of experience.

We cooperate with all Realtors. 

We offer full time, consistent high quality, professional service with low fees! Unlike many brokers we don’t charge every seller the same commission percentage. We know that each sale is different and our fees are flexible with each listing. (Broker commissions are negotiable by Pennsylvania State Law.)

-Selling an expensive property? 
Why should you pay the same rate as a less expensive property? Doesn’t the listing agent do the same amount of work? 

The key to a successful sale is accurate market pricing. 
We’ll show you how to determine the current top market value of your property to achieve a timely sale.

It just makes sense! 

Hire a dedicated full time professional. Your personal Broker.

Think you need a large franchise mega agent brokerage to get your home sold? Think again. The internet has leveled the playing field for the boutique brokerages. 

Do you think a buyer cares which brokerage sign is on your property? They don’t. Would you? 

In today’s world agents don’t control the flow of property information to buyers. Detailed property information is instantly available online for anyone to see. Buyers will see your listing regardless of the agent.

For the best representation work directly with a Broker.

Less than 15% of Pennsylvania Realtors have passed the rigorous PA. State Broker exam. 

Realtors with a broker license have proven their experience, knowledge and dedication to the real estate practice. Get the most for your commission dollars.

Would you hire a Doctor, Lawyer, Dentist, or other professional who only took 2 classes to get a license to practice? That’s what most Realtors took for their salesperson license. It doesn’t cost more to get better representation. Hire a Realtor who is a licensed Broker.

Get the highest possible price.

We fully cooperate with over 25,000 regional TReND MLS member-agents to maximize the exposure of your property to buyer agents. 

Guarantee Sale Program?
You may see some agents offering to buy your home if they don’t sell it under certain required conditions. Be forewarned, these programs are essentially lead generation programs designed to be used as a bait and switch type offering. The agents primary objective is to get your property under a listing contract. It would be a rare that the agent actually buys the property.

Broker commissions are negotiable by Pennsylvania State Law.

Call for your free, no-obligation consultation. 
Our goal is to sell your home for the highest possible price in a most timely fashion.
Dennis McGuinn Broker
Dennis McGuinn Broker