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Commission Rebates for informed buyers

 Get up to a $25,000 Realtor Rebate!  Simply refer yourself.

Many Realtors pay other Realtors and internet based lead companies referral fees for buyer leads.  We prefer to pay buyers directly for referring themselves.   We offer qualified, smart buyer-clients a closing cost credit/rebate of up to $25,000  based on the commission we receive from a purchase.   Realty Broker Direct - McGuinn Realtors can make that a reality!

Within the real estate industry it's a accepted fact that buyers indirectly pay the real estate commission through their purchase transaction.  Simply put there wouldn't be a commission without the purchase funded by the buyer.

If you review listings online you qualify for a rebate!  The minimum qualified sale price for a rebate is $200,000.  Rebates must be disclosed to all parties of the transaction.
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How do rebates work? 

Some real estate brokers offer consumers free home warranties or other non-cash incentives to encourage them to use that broker’s services.  Incentives may include gift certificates, closing-cost payments, or free ancillary services such as home inspections or moving services. With Realty Broker Direct you get expert representation and  a commission rebate!  It’s a Win-Win! Tell your friends.

There are no strings attached, no hoops to jump through, and yes it is legal in our service areas of Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Any sale of above $200,000 qualifies.  The amount of your rebate will be calculated on the amount of commission paid to Realty Broker Direct.

Don't let internet lead companies sell your personal information!  When you hire a Realtor your information is kept confidential.

Hire a Professional.
Just because we share our commissions with home buyers doesn’t mean they have to settle for less.  We offer over 50 years of experience.  We provide home buyers throughout Philadelphia and the surrounding suburbs with a complete expert home buyer services and assistance.  We are a locally owned family business founded in 2010 and not a franchise.    Don’t risk your purchase to an inexperienced or part-time agent. 

Dennis McGuinn, Realtor- Broker
Dennis McGuinn, Realtor- Broker
466 Germantown Ave 1st Floor Lafayette Hill PA 19444