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Seller Frequently Asked Questions

If I list with you will my house be listed in the MLS? 
Yes.  Over 80% of all properties are sold through an MLS.  We are members of TReND MLS that serves the Greater Delaware Valley Region.  TReND has over 25,000  members.  All of our listings are listed in the TReND MLS system, as well as, various other websites such as,,,,, Re/,,,,, Long&,  other local TReND MLS member brokers  and many more!  The MLS is the largest source for sales results.  Your property will receive vast internet exposure.

Will I be locked in to a long term contract? 
No, our contracts may be cancelled at any time with 7 days written notice.  The 7 days notice is needed to unwind our marketing and internet applications.

What is the difference between a Broker and an agent? 
A real estate agent holds a salesperson's real estate license which is easily obtained by completing 2 basic introductory real estate courses and passing a State exam.  A real estate Broker license requires years of experience, many completed transactions, many more real estate courses and the passing of a more comprehensive State Broker exam.  Less than 20% of Pennsylvania Realtors hold a Brokers license.

Will I get a lower sale price if I list with a "Discount" Broker? 
We don't consider ourselves to be a discount broker.  While we may offer lower fees than many brokers, there is no set fee in Pennsylvania.  In Pennsylvania real estate commissions are negotiable by State law.  But consider this,  buyers often use the same available sales data to make purchase offers as sellers use to determine a listing price.  Therefore, buyers offers are often based on the same comparable sales data used to determine a list price.  The bottom line is that we will help you get the highest price possible from the market.

Do large National franchised brokers create more value for my home? 
As a home buyer, would you pay more for a house just because it is listed with a certain brokerage?  Of course you wouldn't.  Nor would today's informed buyers.  Value is determined by the marketplace, not by a brokers agent.
Our direct business model and effective marketing results in tremendous savings & success for our clients. It's a simple new system. 
The Realty Broker Direct system.

 It Simply Makes Sense.
Dennis McGuinn, Realtor- Broker
Dennis McGuinn, Realtor- Broker