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Buying or selling a home?

            All Realtors are not equal     

  Real Estate Agent or Real Estate Broker?

  • It only takes hours to become a real estate agent but it takes years to                      become a Real Estate Broker.
  • Less than 15% of  Realtors are qualified licensed Brokers!
  • PA./N.J. only allows Brokers to be consultants.
  • PA./N.J. only trusts Brokers to manage money in escrow. 

   Hire A Pro - Hire a Broker

 dennis-pic-office.jpg realtybrokerlarge1 (2) (2).jpg         Dennis McGuinn, Broker         610-828-1616   or   267-246-2700

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Dennis McGuinn, Realtor- Broker
Dennis McGuinn, Realtor- Broker
466 Germantown Ave 1st Floor Lafayette Hill PA 19444